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Marauders win in Savannah!

Mora's Marauders, a team formed to pay tribute to the memory of Jon Mora, consisting of many current and former men's rugby players from the Charlotte Barbarians. These teammates and close friends of Jon reunited from across the country, converging in Savannah, GA,  in March of 2024 for one of the nation’s most prestigious rugby tournaments.

Despite limited practice time together, the Marauders demonstrated remarkable cohesion and resilience. Their opening match was played under torrential rain, where they secured a narrow victory. The challenges continued in the second game, played on a muddy field, but once again, the team emerged triumphant in another tight contest.


The championship match was no different. Mora's Marauders, driven by their desire to honor Jon's legacy, fought hard and managed to clinch the title. The team’s journey, marked by camaraderie and perseverance, culminated in lifting the championship trophy, a fitting tribute to their fallen teammate. This victory not only celebrated their rugby skills but also the enduring bond of friendship and the spirit of Jon Mora that brought them back together.

Mora's Marauders finished the weekend undefeated and will look to defend their title in March of 2025.


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The Charlotte Barbarians 
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Founded in 2007, the Charlotte Barbarians are Charlotte’s premier social rugby club. We focus on playing exceptional rugby while also putting an emphasis on its traditional social elements: camaraderie, diversity, community, & fun. 

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